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NNE-ESA NERC 2007 REGIONALS Wrap Up May 15-2007
There should not be a single member of our organization, or for that matter, any Surfer alive today, who does not get the difficulty of predicting waves. We all know it's a Crap Shoot. You roll the dice and hope for the better.Running the Regionals is much harder than having our local District contests. We can't postpone a REGIONAL contest from week to week. It does not work that way. Too many surfers and too much equipment travelling long distances make for a "set in stone" policy. Besides there are many more Regional contests to run for the ESA each Spring. Having said all that, TEAM NNE did fairly well in the little surf. We had several Finalists who are now qualified to surf in the Easterns. With several of them taking First Place. (See above) NNE Director Lenny Nichols and Garret Krapf took first in the MENS Shortboard division. And that my friends is no easy task in any size surf.

The sad irony of predicting surf is apparent by the "Real" swell that's hitting the Northern New England shores this weekend. Like we said. It's very difficult predicting surf. But that's also the beauty of Surfing. It's why we all love it. It is a unique sport that is unlike any other. So to all the contestants and volunteers we thank you for particpating in this truly amazing event (with or without surf). You should all still feel proud of yourselves and our district. And we can only get better with each contest from here on in.


First contest of our 2007 season is coming up on June 2nd, 2007 at the WALL. Sign-ups are at 7:30AM...let the games begin! To order T-shirts click here. There will be more photos posted of the contest in the next few days.


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