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Updated Monday, September 17th 2007
ESA EASTERNS coming up 9-22-07 thru 9-29-07 We want to wish all NNE Team Members the Best of Luck as they head down to Hatteras for the Big Show. REPRESENT! Loyalty and respect for each other and the entire ESA membership. Remember, the ESA is ONE big family.

Meanwhile we have posted the results of the last two local NNE contests.
Contest Number 3 for the 2007 Season
Click Here for
Click Here for

There was a MEMORIAL PADDLE for ESA-NNE team member Danny Miller on Sunday August-12-07 at 10AM at the Wall (North Beach) 10th Street Hampton, NH . Thanks to all who paddled for Danny.

Check out photos from last contest.

Updated Friday, August 3rd 2007...
CONTEST is ON for August-4-07 at the Wall (North Beach) 10th Street Hampton, NH
Sign-ups are 7:00AM. Be there so we can get this thing cooking early. The water has been beautiful the last few days. There's a fun swell running and it should hold for Saturday. CONTEST Number THREE is ON!
This is a QUIZNOS Sponsored event

Updated on Tuesday, July 24th 2007...
THE YORK BEACH 07-21-07 CONTEST and the First Contest at the Wall results from 06-16-07 have been posted. And we have a few photos as well.
Click below for 2007 Summer ESA-NNE Contest Results
ESA NNE contest of the 2007 season. At the Wall. June 16, 2007
ESA NNE contest of the 2007 season. At York Beach Maine. July 21, 2007

Click on photo above for new NNE contest pics from 07-21-07

Updated at 1:50PM on Friday the 20th, July 2007...
The contest for July 21st at Long Sands Beach in York, Maine IS A GO!
Sign-ups at 7:30AM. Let the Games Begin....Yea baby, that's what we're talking about. We have SURF!

Updated at 2:30PM on June 21st, 2007. The First Day Of Summer.
Well our first contest of the season went off in great contest surf. In fact contest or no contest, the surf was fun for everyone. The fact, that we had a contest in good surf was a bonus for us all. See, we told you the wait was worth it. Check out some of the photos and video clips from the contest. Contest Pics and Clips.

TEAM NNE Girls at the NE Regionals Banquet

Our next contest is on standby for July 21st at Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. You all know the drill by now. Check the wave modules, and check this website for updates. We'll be posting results from last week's contest soon.

Hey check on the NNE-ESA Regional wrap-up.

Click on the link below for Justin Lamkin's Photos


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There will be more photos posted of the contest in the next week.


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